I UK [təʊn] / US [toʊn] noun
Word forms "tone":
singular tone plural tones
a) [countable/uncountable] the sound of someone's voice that shows what they are feeling

Meredith trembled at the tenderness in his tone.

a tone of voice:

"Really?" Simone said in a surprised tone of voice.

Don't you take that tone of voice with me (= don't speak to me so rudely)!

b) the type of sound that someone makes with their voice in a particular situation

They were sitting close together, talking in hushed tones.

a) [singular/uncountable] the general character of a place or event

The positive tone of the evening had changed completely.

set the tone (for something):

The opening remarks set the tone for the rest of the interview.

raise/lower the tone (of something):

Trust you to lower the tone of the whole conversation!

b) the general attitude shown by a piece of writing

Much of his writing has a rather strident tone to it.

in tone:

Their next letter was more optimistic in tone.

3) [countable/uncountable] music the quality of the sound made by a musical instrument, voice, or piece of electronic equipment

a flute with a clear bright tone

4) [countable] a sound made by a piece of equipment as a signal or warning

I picked up the phone and just got a beeping tone.

The answering machine said to leave a message after the tone.

the engaged tone (= the sound you hear when the number you want to telephone is being used):

I keep getting the engaged tone.

5) [countable] a colour or a particular shade (= type) of a colour

a tweed coat in subtle tones of purple and green

her olive skin tone

6) [countable] music an amount equal to two semitones by which a musical note is higher or lower than another note
7) [uncountable] the firm or healthy quality of your body, muscles, or skin
muscle/skin tone:

The patient's general muscle tone is good.

8) [countable/uncountable] linguistics the degree to which the sound of a word or part of a word is high or low

You use a rising tone in English to indicate a question.

II UK [təʊn] / US [toʊn] verb
Word forms "tone":
present tense I/you/we/they tone he/she/it tones present participle toning past tense toned past participle toned
1) tone or tone up
[transitive] to make your body, muscles, or skin more firm and healthy

She quickly and efficiently cleansed, toned, and moisturized her face.

I'm taking an aerobics class to help tone my muscles.

2) tone or tone in
[intransitive] British if something tones with something else they look good together because their colours are similar tone with:

The flowers toned perfectly with the Mexican rug.

Phrasal verbs:

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